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[The video is completely accidental and the feed starts with a view of what looks like an alley, large bins, crates, cardboard boxes and whatnot. In the middle of it, stands Iruka, his back to the unassuming journal, hand stretched out to one side and fingers poised to yank out a few feathers.
Which iruka does.

And like a hen who's had a few feathers plucked, Iruka sort of just starts to thwack his head with his fist a few times, before biting down on it, an attempt to keep himself silent from the unexpected sting because well, clearly doing anything more like say, yanking the wing off would be stupid.

Iruka then just sort of tries to stick the feathers back in place but then they end up just drifting down to the ground. There is a sigh before the video freezes for a moment when Iruka sort of accidentally steps on the journal, frame freezing with the view Iruka's sweatpants clad ass.

When the video restarts roughly almost a minute later, the face that comes to view is one that scowling in concentration, breath misting from the cold topped with hair damp and standing in all kinds of direction. Iruka looks frazzled, possibly distressed and the flush on his cheeks deepens with each ticking second and the more he is exposed to the cold.

Iruka is also muttering to himself. Apparently, waking up with wings isn't his cup of tea.]

Little ingrates. Ball-less, fucking slimy, greaseball of a halfwit scumbag.

[The video freezes again when Iruka rotates it and taps on the lens before it cuts off completely.]
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[Every one else seems to be freaking out about pulling his feathers but Iruka seems to get the picture when he realizes how much it hurts. Kushina had opened her mouth to tell him not to but it had been too late. She watches feathers go fluttering uselessly to the ground.

Then she watches the rest of what's there to be offered. First, by staring blankly at the ass on the screen and then blinking at the person staring back at her when he comes back. Her head even pulls back a little in shock.

He looks worse for wear and she opens her mouth to tell him so...]

Who the heck are you talking about?
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It's someone.

[She lives with Naruto, she isn't fooled at all.]

Why are you calling them names? What'd they do to you? You're the one that was pulling out your own feathers.
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[Kushina has crossed her arms by the second part of that babble.]

Fourth? Fourth nipple?
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[What about a third first?]

Do you have... three nipples or something?
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Iruka-sensei, why're you talking to my Mom about your nipples? That's weird...

[Why are his senseis all so STRANGE]